Would Releasing The Snyder Cut Just Be Rewarding Bad Behavior?

The Genesis Of Toxicity

  • Zack Snyder’s superhero films are too complex and laden with heady themes, and thus were unable to be properly digested by “ordinary folk” and “biased” bloggers.
  • Disney and Marvel Studios “ruined” comic book movies by conditioning the audience to only accept and praise films when they contain comedy, bright color palettes, “formulaic” plotting, and a lack of real-life stakes.
  • Film critics, especially those who work for major media outlets and have their reviews counted in the Rotten Tomatoes score, are all “paid Disney shills,” who engage in quid pro quo with the Mouse House, providing positive reviews in exchange for invites to Hollywood premieres, after parties, celebrity junkets, and other shwag.
  • Bloggers, critics, and other industry professionals actively engaged in insulting Zack Snyder and his work, and implemented an all-out smear campaign to sabotage the DCEU films with bad press.
One of the many photoshopped images depicting Snyder as a benevolent deity, by Twitter user @SupesBatsy
A bizarre and delusional religious Snyder tweet

Social Media Trolling

Targeting “The Snakes”

A deeply disturbing tweet that blames Disney for the death of Snyder’s daughter
Geoff Johns “Snake” tweets
More Snake comments
Johns is under constant heavy fire from Snyder Cut fans
An absolutely reprehensible comment from a Snyder avatar on Twitter

Emboldening The Bad Behavior

A smattering of clickbait headlines

Crusading For Art Vs. Toxic Entitlement And The Realities Of Releasing The Cut

Snyder’s Vero post confirming the existence of the director’s cut




Geek culture writer and pundit. Possibly a replicant. @TheCarter_GLA

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J.M. Carter

J.M. Carter

Geek culture writer and pundit. Possibly a replicant. @TheCarter_GLA

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